How to Protect Your Property from Squirrels

Squirrels are small beautiful but persistent rodents that can be destructive to one’s property considering the fact that they tend to settle in people’s houses and yards seeking shelter due to the available warm conditions present. One has to be quite observant for you to notice their presence which is mostly through their presence in one’s compound, hollow openings in trees, gnawed fascia boards or even plants. There are a number of things that one can do to prevent them from destroying valuable property.

Including sealing of roofs and any other suspicious entry, point. This is to ensure that there is no entry point for the squirrels into your house because squirrels can enter through the smallest possible crack. Regular check-up of the roof for any dark places that can harbour the squirrels and any crack is also necessary so as to be aware of any squirrel infestation and always used a one-way exit method in the attic to scare them off. Trim trees lirnbsTree limbs that tend to be in contact with your house over time to offer an entry point for the squirrels since they can easily jump over short distances thus it’s advised to trim them to avoid further destruction. Use of squirrel proof bird feeders.

Most people use this tactic because it is very effective. The bird feeders are usually designed in different shapes and they occasionally scare of the squirrels as they are trying to eat the nuts or seeds that are in the bird feeders. It’s more of a trap. Use of Squirrels repellants The repellants at times can work effectively but they only serve for the very short period before the animals get used to them or even ignore the scents of some repellants. Some repellents have the scent of their predators and this can keep them far for quite some time like the Squirrel B Gone. Reduce the sources of food. Since squirrels mostly feed on nuts or berries at times it’s good to cut off maybe trees in the compound that have nuts or to ensure the dustbins are sealed in case they come looking for the leftover seed or berries. Basically, keep most food stuff covered up or sealed. Flood burrows. When one floods their burrows the squirrels will definitely migrate to warmer places since they will be lacking a place for shelter. Despite all those methods above we should not ignore the voices of squirrels and always inspect your house or the wires for any sign of squirrels’ gnawing activity.