Incredible Wildlife and Amazing Wildlife Tourism in Canada

The small human population and vast piece of land has allowed Canada to be the home of a variety of species of animals. The animals can be found in forests, mountains and lakes and this gives a lot of nature for exploration to wildlife fans. Guided tours are always recommended because safety and information are always provided since the tour guides know the wildlife better than anyone else.

Frontiers North’s Big Safari, Manitoba

For over thirty years, this adventure has been happening in Churchill, Manitoba. The tour will have you experience the Big Five animals in the region which are moose, black bear, bison, beluga whale and polar bear. Polar bears are found in the highest numbers in this region. The tour will start from Winnipeg to Northern Churchill and you will experience boat rides, buggy rides and prairie drives.

Knight Inlet Lodge, British Columbia

The Knight Inlet Lodge is located in Glendale Cove which gives habitat to one of the largest population of brown bears in the country. Tours from this lodge are one of the best and offer lodge accommodations and floater plane trip to the lodge and from the lodge, you can Kayak and pick fresh salmon out of the water, do a lot of hikes, enjoy bald eagle sights and marine-life viewing tours.

Gatherall’s Puffin & Whale Watch, Newfoundland and Labrador

Between May and October, you can enjoy the adventures offered by Gatherall. Through Gatherall, you will see the largest population of Atlantic puffins in North America at Witless Bay Ecological Reserve. You will be able to see the best whale food in the surrounding waters. These whale foods are observable between mid-June and mid-August

Anglonquin Park Canoe Trip, Ontario

Between May and October, you will enjoy canoe trips by Voyageur Quest and at Algonquin Park; you will best be able to observe a moose. You will also see more native species that live in this park.

Baby Seal Watching, Chateau Madelinot, Quebec

Iles de la Medeleine is the breeding ground for infant harp seal pups. Harp seals are very beautiful, white and fluffy. In the Gulf of St. Lawrence, you will have a breathtaking experience watching these magnificent creatures. They are in that state for only a few weeks annually and that’s why the tour takes place from February to March. Close to the location, you will find skiing, snow-hoeing and ice fishing grounds thrilling.

Sturgeon River Ranch, Saskatchewan

At Prince Albert National Park, you will enjoy the sight of natural bison in their habitat. The three day tour involves horse riding in the park and a night at a boreal cabin.

Sunwolf Eagle Viewing Float, British Columbia

Between December and mid-February, if you are a bird watcher, you will enjoy the sight of bald eagles as you float in a raft since the eagles will be diving to feed on the salmon below the waters.

Therefore, if you are a lover of wildlife, Canada will be a great country to visit and enjoy the variety of animal species that the country provides home to.